Appointed Representatives

The following representatives have been appointed for 2019/20:

Acker Bilk Bench:  Cllr D. Custance

ALCA Various:  Cllr A. Heaford; and Parish Clerk & Cllr. J. Stephenson if required

Chew Valley Forum: Cllr A. Heaford,  Cllr J. Stephenson & Parish Clerk

Defibrillator Guardians: Hillcrest: Cllr M. Daniels. Post Office:  Cllr T. Jones. Woollard: Cllr J. Stephenson.

Flood Representative: Cllr J. Gully

Footpaths Officer:  M. Dom Lowe

Memorial Hall: Cllr P. Baxter

Parish Councils Airport Association: Cllr A. Heaford

Parish Liaison: Cllr A. Heaford, Cllr S. Grimes

Staffing Panel: Cllrs S. Filer, S. Grimes & T. Jones

War Memorial: Cllr J. Gully

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