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  1. Transferred from old Guestbook

    3;;David Hunt;;20:54, 17 01 2010;

    Good evening folks. We lived there during the war years, until 1945 when we moved into Greens Folly, 143 High Street. We moved to Shirehampton in August 1947. I started at Pensford school a age three and a half, as a result of my running into the classroom when Mum took my sister to school. They could not get me out, so I was allowed to stay until I got fed up, but I never did. So I attended there from about 1942 until 1947. I remember Miss Veasey, Miss Batten, Miss Bewley, and Mr Bowden the Headmaster. Mr Cook threw a pencil box at my sister one day, and it caught her on the side of the head. He got the sack for that. My sister was in the same class as Acker Bilk, whom I believe lives opposite my cousin, Geoffrey Hunt up on the common. No 6 Hillcrest is now owned by another cousin, and is the house we lived in with my Aunt and Uncle. Dad worked with Joe Smith, and Mr Greaves. Joe Smith lived, I believe, on the road between Chelwood and Bishop Sutton, and he said he obtained permission to tap into the water pipe on the estate opposite. He then drilled a hole under the road to the cottage, and my Uncle Les Hoddinott used his Ferret to run through with a piece of string tied to is tail, which Dad then used to pull a rope and then the water pipe through. From then on, the cottage had running water. Dad told me many stories of his time down the pit. I would be happy to hear from anyone who may remember us. Kind regards. David (Hunt)

  2. Transferred from old Guestbook

    2;;William P. Cheshire;;15:31, 04 03 2010;

    I am a Yank, but my ancestor Mary Ludlow Jackson lived in Publow and is buried in the All Saints churchyard. I hope to visit there one day, the good Lord willing, and find her grave. In the meantime thank you for enabling me to visit your charming community via the Internet. Very best wishes, William Cheshire

  3. Transferred from old Guestbook

    1;;William P. Cheshire;;14:47, 08 06 2011;

    On a brief visit to England with my two sons in May I finally was able to visit the old churchyard at All Saints, where one of our family was buried many years ago. The church was locked, the vicar was away, and most of the older gravestones, including that of our ancestor, long since had vanished beneath the earth. But the churchyard and the exterior of the church were as beautiful as I had imagined. This and hospitable residents of the neighborhood made our visit altogether delightful. Very best wishes. William P. Cheshire

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