Meeting 27 February Memorial Hall Pensford

SUBJECT: Pensford Hill Traffic Work

Sue Grimes’ notes taken in meeting – these notes are not formal minutes

Attendees: Cllr Mark Shelford Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Cllr Paul May, Parish Councillors: Janette Stephenson, Jenny Gully, John Kelly, Tony Jones, Steve Filer, Tracey Jones, Mike Daniels, Sue Grimes, Steve Harries, Guilly Jones, Bruce Toase, Simon King, Sarah Bishop, Stuart Roberts, Nigel Chambers.

Cllr Paul May stated that at the A37 meeting 12 Feb 2019 it was agreed that BathNES would:

1) Remove centre white line
2) Put in fortress kerbs
3) Fit more bollards

Cllr Mark Shelford was informed that:

• BathNES website stated A37 safety improvements included measures to deter vehicles mounting pavement. Nothing done.

• HGVs are still going on pavement 5 times a day…. Video evidence shown.

• Evidence shown that BathNES have been aware of problems on Pensford Hill since June 2015

• Plan was undertaken by Jacobs consultants which looked good but council didn’t implement them because council felt lorries should be able to mount pavement

• More bollards have not been fitted … more bollards are required at start and end of dropped kerbs.

• Fortress kerbs couldn’t be installed as they were a trip hazard for pedestrians.

• Since white centre lines painted there have been 4 accidents on hill

• Smashed mirrors all way up hill.

• Cones still being used to protect BT chamber. Designed as “pedestrian” quality. Openreach wanted to replace with stronger road quality chamber to protect the chamber and not to deter continued pavement use by lorries.

• Council undertakes risk assessment for their employees working on road, but seem to consider it safe for lorries and children to share pavement

Cllr Shelford asked what do residents want?

He was informed that residents do not want HGVs regularly or occasionally going on pavement.

Cllr Shelford expressed concern that Bathes had not fitted bollards and could not understand why have not put in traffic lights.

There was a discussion about the bollards Manchester/Bell. Residents had asked for bell bollards but were told that these were too wide for the footpaths as utilities underneath.

Engineers had cut across footpath confirmed no evidence utilities.

Evidence showed that Manchester bollards (which will be fitted on the hill) are wider than bell bollards that were built into kerb. Bell bollards deflect vehicle back into road and a copy of the bell bollard risk assessment that was promised is still awaited.

It was mentioned that the Give Way sign outside Hillside Cottages & Kensington House is in a too narrow part of hill. HGVs now go up the dropped kerb and on to pavement. The give way sign needs to be positioned where the road is wide enough for 2 lorries to pass.

Attendees informed that it would be too costly to widen the road.

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) can take up to 3 years to implement and would be needed to make the road one-way or to stop HGVs going through Pensford. All discounted as not viable regardless of that.

Steve Harries proposed a couple of solutions:

1. See attachment, which should prevent queuing traffic and should prevent the need for HGVs to mount the pavement.

2. Flashing light sensor outside the Hollies to indicate if there are heavy lorries coming down hill.

Discussion with residents as to way forward as follows:

Cllr Shelford said:

1. if original plan interfered with the cost would increase and there would be a delay.

2. He understood residents emotion.

3. He would push to get original plan (reinstate old Manchester bollards (easy to procure) and put in new ones) finished ASAP. Maybe weekend work. This can then be revised.

4. Investigate plan attached after elections. More funding could not be guaranteed after the election. A new administration might have different priorities.

5. Police traffic safety unit have stopped work. Does not know why. They said they haven’t been consulted and were concerned about position with abnormally large loads. This will result in the council incurring legal fees for a police challenge.

It was requested that priority be given to the placing of bollards outside Hillside Cottages & Kensington House or some sort of temporary measure as this area is extremely risky for pedestrians.

Suggested revised plan (click the image to enlarge)