ANPR Cameras Review

During 2021, Publow with Pensford Parish Council acquired an amount of CIL money, which could only be used to benefit the Parish for projects such as new infrastructure.

The Parish Council organised a public consultation offering a range of options to find out how parish residents wanted the CIL money to be used. The most popular choice was to use it to fund ANPR security cameras to assist with local crime prevention and detection. See more details here.

Since 2021, a great deal of essential work has been undertaken to implement this scheme. Legal and technical issues had to be addressed, locations found, technical procedures designed and equipment purchased and installed. Sadly, at a very late stage, the selected contractor let the Parish down. This caused a further delay but has provided an opportunity for the Parish Council to re-think.

The Parish Council is aware that some residents may no longer support the ANPR project. Therefore, as the original consultation was advisory, rather than mandatory, and no cameras have yet been installed, the Parish Council is pausing to seek the current views of as many residents as possible in order to gauge the current level of support for ANPR cameras before taking any further action.


Residents are asked to please submit their views by completing the following questionnaire. The consultation will run until 31st May 2024. The Parish Council will consider all responses received at their June meeting and will then decide on the best way forward. 


All responses will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Only residents of Publow with Pensford Parish are entitled to participate, and they must therefore provide a valid address.