Appointed Representatives

The following representatives have been appointed for 2023/24:

Memorial Hall Committee: Paul Baxter

Parish Council Airport Committee: None

Parish Liaison Meetings: Sue Grimes (Janette Stevenson in reserve)

ALCA Meetings: Sue Grimes

B&NES Local Council Group: None

Chew Valley Forum: Tracy Jones

Flood Representative: None

Guardians for the Defibrillator: Janette Stevenson/ Claire Dinsdale/Layla Malt

Staffing Panel: Tracy Jones, Steve Filer & Paul Baxter

Climate Emergency Working Group: Claire Dinsdale, Jenny Gully, Alex Limberg, Roderick Black

Allotments: William Tantam

ANPR Working Group: Steve Grimes, Tracy Jones, Dom Lowe, Steve Filer

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