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ANPR Cameras Review

During 2021, Publow with Pensford Parish Council acquired an amount of CIL money, which could only be used to benefit the Parish for projects such as new infrastructure.

The Parish Council organised a public consultation offering a range of options to find out how parish residents wanted the CIL money to be used. The most popular choice was to use it to fund ANPR security cameras to assist with local crime prevention and detection. See more details here.

Since 2021, a great deal of essential work has been undertaken to implement this scheme. Legal and technical issues had to be addressed, locations found, technical procedures designed and equipment purchased and installed. Sadly, at a very late stage, the selected contractor let the Parish down. This caused a further delay but has provided an opportunity for the Parish Council to re-think.

The Parish Council is aware that some residents may no longer support the ANPR project. Therefore, as the original consultation was advisory, rather than mandatory, and no cameras have yet been installed, the Parish Council is pausing to seek the current views of as many residents as possible in order to gauge the current level of support for ANPR cameras before taking any further action.


Residents are asked to please submit their views by completing the following questionnaire. The consultation will run until 31st May 2024. The Parish Council will consider all responses received at their June meeting and will then decide on the best way forward. 

All responses will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Only residents of Publow with Pensford Parish are entitled to participate, and they must therefore provide a valid address. 

Agenda – 8 April 2024




You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 8th April 2024 at 7pm in the Village Hall.
H Richardson (Mrs) – Clerk to the Parish Council
Date: 2nd April 2024

Public Participation – Members of Public are asked to inform the Clerk if you wish to attend. (15 minutes Maximum): Please note that prior to the official business of the meeting; members of the Parish are welcome to raise any Parish issues. Please inform the Clerk providing name, address and subject matter no later than 24 hrs prior to the meeting if you wish to arrange a speaking slot. Please keep your speech to a maximum of 3 minutes. Additionally, the applicant or their agent may verbally present planning applications. You are not guaranteed a slot if you do not book in advance. Please note the Parish Council cannot make a decision on items that are not on the agenda, but items may be put forward for the agenda for the next meeting. PastedPasted Continue reading Agenda – 8 April 2024

Keep our Parish Tidy!


We all need to take pride in the appearance of our Parish. People who drop litter or those who don’t clean up after their dogs have an adverse impact on the quality of life for their neighbours and on the entire community.

Publow with Pensford Parish Council works with Bath and North East Somerset Council and Avon & Somerset Police to report and investigate incidents of environmental crime in accordance with the Law. Offenders risk receiving fixed penalty notices, cautions, legal action, unlimited fines, or imprisonment.

CCTV may be in operation and all residents of the parish are requested to keep their eyes open and to report offences promptly to the appropriate authority.


Litter is anything from a soft drink container, sweet paper or cigarette end to a whole bag of rubbish. The Parish Council provides litter bins in busy areas throughout the parish. If there is no nearby bin, or a bin is full; take your litter home. If the bin is full please report this without delay, using the contact details marked on the bin.


The Parish Council provides dog poo bins in busy areas throughout the parish. Please use them or take the poo home with you. Owners are responsible for their own dogs. It is illegal to fail to pick up the mess after a dog, under your control, has fouled in a public place.


Report littering to Bath & North East Somerset Council 

Report rubbish accumulation to Bath & North East Somerset Council

Report fly tipping to Bath & North East Somerset Council

Report fly tipping to Avon & Somerset Police

If reporting an offence, please provide:
• Location
• Time / date
• Offender’s description
• Vehicle registration
• Offender’s address (if known)
• Type of rubbish, i.e. cigarette end, plastic bag etc

Report dog fouling to Bath & North East Somerset Council 

If reporting an offence; please provide:
• Location
• Time / date
• Offender’s description
• Description of dog
• Address of offender if known


For general enquiries

• Phone: 01225 394041
• Email:


If your issue is not listed above, please contact our Parish Clerk for advice.

Phone: 07899 970173

Parish Council Minutes – 12th February 2024


Held on Monday 12th February 2024 in the Memorial Hall, Pensford

Present: Mr S Filer, Mrs S Grimes(Chairman), Mr S Grimes, Mrs T Jones, Dr L Malt, Mrs J Stephenson, Mr W Tantam, Mr Paul May(Ward Councillor), Mrs H Richardson (Clerk) and 4 Members of Public.

Public Participation: A Resident asked the PC to report running water on Birchwood Lane.

47.1. Mr P Baxter, Ms C Dinsdale, Mrs J Gully

47.2. Declarations of Interest: None

47.3. The Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday 8th January 2024 were agreed as a true and fair record and the Chairman signed them.

47.4. Planning:

a) Applications to consult:
i) 24/00151/VAR: Gospel Hall High Street, Pensford. Variation of condition 8 (Plans List) of application 22/04725/FUL (Proposed conversion and extension to create a dwelling). The Parish Council resolved to SUPPORT the variation.

b) Decision Notification:
i) 23/04030/FUL, The Teasel Barn, Stanton Road, Pensford. Demolition of existing detached single storey garage to be replaced with a two storey, two bedroom detached dwelling (annex). REFUSE
ii) 23/04536/FUL: Greenmeadow, Woollard Lane, Publow. Conversion of garage raising of roof and extension behind. PERMIT.
iii) 23/00549/FUL. Land Adjacent To Meadow Barn, Wick Lane, Pensford: Creation of a vehicular access onto an agricultural field with the erection of gates and fencing. PERMIT
iv) 23/04465/FUL: 6 Hillcrest, Pensford. Erection of first floor extension and alterations. REFUSE.

47.5. Matters for Discussion / Decision

a) The Parish Council resolved to defer the discussion regarding new financial regulations until NALC produce their new model Financial Regulation, expected in March.
b) The Parish Council resolved to appoint Unity Bank as their new Bank subject to the adoption of new financial regulations which will allow the use of online banking.
c) IT was reported that the Parish Council had not received a response to numerous letters requesting a refund from the contractor which has failed to install the ANPR cameras. The Clerk was instructed to seek legal advice from NALC regarding the retrieval of funds.
d) The Parish Council discussed the Local Plan consultations, The chair would attend the drop-in session at Whitchurch and the councillors would look into the proposed plan and discuss again next month. It was noted that officers had said that Pensford was a sustainable location.
e) The Parish Council agreed that the dog bin at Old Road should be removed as it is repeatedly being used for household rubbish and very few dog walkers pass the location.
f) The Parish Council discussed the creation of a Parish Nature Action Plan. The Parish Nature Group would be asked whether they want to take it forward.
g) The Parish Council approved expenditure to replace the gate post on the allotments. Of the two quotes that had been received Quote A was preferred and would be accepted on the 19th February unless the third quote was received and was preferable.
h) The Parish Council reviewed the proposal to introduce a speed limit of 30 mph on the B3130 through the narrows. The Parish Council resolved to OBJECT and ask for 20mph as they had to protect pedestrians walking though the narrows.
i) The Parish Council resolved to accept the offer from the Somerset District Miners Welfare Society and request the two metal miners are installed, by the boundary stones at each end of Pensford. If only one miner is offered, then the preferred site would be at the Chelwood end of the village.

47.6. Financial Matters

a) The Financial Report was accepted
b) February payments were approved.

Purpose for Expense Mark McMullen – footpaths
Amount £85.00
VAT £-
Recover N/A

Purpose for Expense Mrs Helen Richardson (45.5j) – Salary
Amount £882.18
VAT £-
Recover N/A

Purpose for Expense Number One Electrical – reimburse Layla Malt
Amount £86.40
VAT £14.40
Recover Y

Purpose for Expense Pensford Memorial Hall, reissue lost cheque
Amount £1006.93
VAT £-
Recover N/A

Purpose for Expense Titan Internet – reimburse H Richardson
Amount £240
VAT £40
Recover Y

Purpose for Expense H Richardson Reimburse(Stamps & Special del)
Amount £27.35
VAT £-
Recover N/A

47.7. B&NES Ward Councillor confirmed that Council tax would be raised by 4.99 percent. An extra £5 million had been provided for Children’s services. There would be a review of the voluntary sector as opposed to the feared cut of £1.1 million. Following the fundraising for the clock on the church tower, the church have approved the works to commence.

47.8. Reports

a) PCAA: The Parish Council asked the Clerk to write to Paul May to ask him to object to the removal of greenbelt from the NSC local plan to 2039.
b) Allotments: There are a few vacant plots to be advertised, The Parish Council agreed to give one plot to the school foc, Rent increase would be discussed next month.
c) Parish Council Working Group – No meeting this month
d) War memorial – Local stone mason not interested and so Chair had contacted the War Memorial Trust. A resident had made some enquiries and found some other names that could be added, but more investigations were needed. War Memorial was originally unveiled in July 1925 and would be good to honour the Centenary.
e) Flood Representatives: the volunteer position had been advertised to residents and no-one had come forward,.
f) Clerks Report – circulated. The clerk would get some quotes for fly-tipping signs
g) Chairmans report- circulated. The Chairman had been in discussions with the Community Trust and would submit an application to part fund two defibrillators & blood packs. The Parish Council would also write to other community organisations/business for donations.

47.9. Items to carry forward to the next meeting: Allotment rent, Gate (Confirm accepted quote) ANPR Update, Financial Regs, Local Plan, Parish Nature Action Plan

47.10. To note Future Meetings
Parishes Liaison –28th Feb, 19th June, 18th September 2024
Chew Valley Forum – early 2024
ALCA Meeting 23 Jan, 11th June.

DATE OF NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Monday 11th March 2024 at 7pm in Pensford Village Hall.
The meeting closed at 20.36 pm