Emergency Defibrillator Awareness


Saving seconds can save lives. Please record this simple information

Knowing the location and postcode of your nearest Defibrillator may save valuable seconds when ringing the Emergency Services to report a suspected Heart Attack.

There are 3 Defibrillators in the Parish and one in Compton Dando.

Locations are:

  • By the mail box at the Post Office in Pensford
  • In the telephone kiosk in Hillcrest
  • In the telephone kiosk in Woollard
  • In the telephone kiosk in Compton Dando

In the case of a collapsed person – possible cardiac arrest – call for help from somebody around.

Ring 999 and ask for an ambulance – person collapsed and not responding.

State where you are including post code. Also give the postcode of where the nearest cabinet housing the defibrillator is located.

You will be given instructions to get the defibrillator and what to do. STAY ON THE PHONE. Once you have phoned 999 then an ambulance or Paramedic will be on their way to you.

You may wish to record some local postcodes which may help in an emergency.  Examples:

Pensford (Post Office) Pensford Hill, Pensford – BS39 4AF
Pensford, (Hillcrest) – BS39 4AT
Woollard (Publow Lane) – BS39 4HY
Compton Dando (Village Hall) – BS39 4JZ


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