Minutes of Neighbourhood Planning Meeting – 1st July 2015


Present: Chairman Mr C James Vice-Chairman: Mr S King
Mrs S Grimes, Miss Caroline Batten, Mr Alan Ford, Mr Colin Taylor, Mr Charlie Bishop, Miss Amber Daniels, Mrs Susan Aires, Mrs Meg Thomas, Mr Chris Reddy

1) Apologies for Absence were received from Mrs L Cains, Umang Patel, Cleo Newcombe-Jones, Charles Wookey, Sarah Bishop.

2) Chairman’s Remarks: Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.

3) Minutes of Wednesday 3rd June 2015 after being circulated and read were signed as a correct record.

4) Matters Arising: Grant: The Grant has now been received at a total of £2464.00 and has been paid into the Parish Council Current Account. Thanks were extended to Alan Ford, John Kelly & Julie Bragg for their help in completing the not so straight forward form. A maximum of 8K can be applied for to help with costs in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan.
Traffic – A37: A meeting will be arranged to discuss the A37 with Cllr P May who is the Ward Councillor for Whitchurch & Pensford District. The A37 was a main issue highlighted at the open meetings. Evidence gathering is essential such as photos and recording of incidents relating to the A37. This can help put together an Action Policy to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.
Community Renewable Energy Scheme: The Centre for Sustainable Energy are happy to be involved. This could be progressed by a small group interested in this topic.
Feed Back Folders: 7 Folders had been put together by Simon King & Julie Bragg with details of the feedback from the Open Meetings within them. They were distributed amongst those at the meeting and will be placed in the 3 pubs, the coffee shop, the hairdressers, the Memorial Hall & the Post Office.
Committee or Steering Group: A discussion took place on what members thought we should be called – A Committee or a Steering Group. It was proposed by Colin Taylor and seconded by Charlie Bishop that we are called a Steering Group.

5) Approval of Terms of Reference: Alan Ford was thanked for his work in producing the Terms of Reference. Amendment needed was to change the RFO details to Julie Bragg. Amendments will be made and a copy taken forward to the Parish Council for their agreement.

6) Feedback from Parish Council: Cheques raised for payments in relation to Neighbourhood Planning were not signed. They will be sanctioned when the Grant is received.

7) Items for Discussion: Questionnaire Amendments: A meeting had taken place between Alan Ford, Sue Grimes & Susan Aires to discuss the questionnaire and how to simplify and shorten it but still including all we want in it.
Cleo Newcombe-Jones is very helpful with guidance regarding Planning Policies and which Planning Policies can go into the Plan. In addition Local Concerns such as broadband, heritage etc. can be included as Action Plans for the Local Community.
The Questionnaire was looked at and AF gave feedback on where we are and how to move forward. AF re-iterated that the content is very important. Feedback from the open meetings has been put into Topic Areas and what areas should be fed back to the Parish Council.
An audit trail is very important and as such all feedback has its own number so that we can go back and refer to it where necessary..
Housing/ Transport & Access questions were looked at. It was agreed that there is too much information. There should be a standardised format for each topic and leading questions should not be asked. Imaging and styling can be completed at a later date.
Parish Life: MT asked if Culvery Wood – Woodland Trust – Open spaces can be included. The fact that we have one is quite special and should be expanded on.
CJ stated that it is important to have a standardised format for each topic and not to ask leading questions.
Social/Affordable Housing and the legislation in relation to it were discussed. Is there sufficient demand? Parish Council have undertaken a Housing Needs survey and this showed demand for Affordable Housing. It was agreed that the Neighbourhood Plan should address Affordable Housing as a Policy.
Chairman reported that a Neighbourhood Plan reflects what the Parish want and not necessarily what they will get. However if sufficient demand was shown for Affordable Housing it is a good starting point.
A Neighbourhood Plan cannot stop development if B&NES agree to it. We can influence what we would like as a Community. However we are washed over by Green Belt and therefore there is no proposed extension to the HDB. The Neighbourhood Plan should address housing as a Policy.
Q. A question was asked can the Plan stipulate Housing should be Energy Efficient. It was agreed this can be included in the Plan. i.e. in-keeping with surrounding, environmental issues can be looked at.
Chairman reminded the Group that the Neighbourhood Plan has to be voted on at a Referendum, therefore the Local Authority has to take all of this into account.

The Neighbourhood Plan also has to conform to the Core Strategy.
Q. Detailed suggestions do we need them there? Simple, short inclusive questions are needed which are more generic. Open Box for comments/concerns is this a good format?
A. All agreed to take away the comment box and keep just one box at the end.
Q. Views on answers were discussed. Yes, No, Don’t Know, Strongly Agree, Disagree?
A. Comments are impossible to analyse. Some questions could be yes or no. Analysis would be easier with tick boxes. May miss a good suggestion because you haven’t asked that question. You may get a comment which may strengthen the plan.
Q. A lot of comments were received from the Open Days how would you analyse these?
AF: Confirmed that there would be a comment box at the end of the questionnaire. Q. AF asked if all were clear on each Topic Area? Are they sensible/acceptable?
Some Topics can go in 2 places. Some will be brief in comparison to other. If anyone has an interest in specific areas please give details to AF.
Housing: Further feedback questions are possible superfluous 2,3,4,5 were discussed but unrealistic and will be removed.
AF: confirmed that the back page will hold content of information about those completing the questionnaire. A cross analysis can be done on car owners, where they park. Where do they work – was thought to be a good question to include.
It was suggested that a more nuanced general opinion should be gained on the questionnaire. Members of the group were encouraged to look at other Questionnaires on-line.
Q. Should we include the Youth/Elderly in the questionnaire?.
Questionnaire timing: The questionnaire cannot be rushed. The timing is difficult and the original September/October proposal now thought to be unrealistic.
The piece in the Parish Magazine will be left as submitted and changes can be agreed on at the July/August meetings.
Everyone to bring comments to the next meeting so there is not too much backwards and forwards communications.
AF will create a single list with all feedback expressed as questions.
SA – suggested that the folders may end up with comments on them. Folders will need to be collected.
Distribution/Collection of Questionnaires: Deferred to the next meeting.
Incentives for return of Questionnaires: The offer of a prize draw to encourage return.

Analysis of Questionnaires – First thoughts? – How will the questionnaires be analysed. Will we use outside consultants – a grant would need to be applied for to cover these costs. An excel can analyse a lot of it but inputting details will take a time. It was thought that a few from the group could input the details. Research/interest groups: The way forward – Topics?: Chairman asked if this is now the way forward. Members of the group could split into Topic groups to look at areas they are interested in. i.e. Renewable Energy, Broadband, Greenspace, Footpaths.
B&NES have officers available to help with research. Cleo Newcombe-Jones is very helpful.

8. Any Other Business: None

9. Date and Venue for next meeting: Wednesday 29th July 2015 7.30 pm at the Memorial Hall.