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Reopening of Keynsham Recycling Centre

Keynsham Recycling Centre will be reopening to Bath & North East Somerset residents on Wednesday 27 May 2020. Residents are being advised to only visit Keynsham Recycling Centre if it is essential to do so and they cannot safely store their waste at home. Due to social distancing measures we need to limit the number of cars unloading at any one time, so expect long queues. We are asking residents to continue to store their waste at home if safe to do so, until social distancing has been relaxed.

Please note Bath and Midsomer Norton recycling centres will remain closed. Centres at Midland Road in Bath and Old Welton in Midsomer Norton must remain closed as it is currently not possible to provide enough space for social distancing at either site. An additional issue at Midland Road is that the site is shared with the refuse depot, meaning traffic queues could delay bin collections for residents.

Odd and even number plate system

Residents will be permitted to visit the Keynsham site for essential visits on a day allocated to them based on their vehicle’s number plate as queues are expected to be significant.
Below is the schedule of dates of when odd and even vehicle number plates can visit Keynsham recycling centre.

Wednesday 27 May

Thursday 28 May

Friday 29 May

Saturday 30 May

Sunday 31 May

Monday 1 June

Tuesday 2 June

Wednesday 3 June

Thursday 4 June

Friday 5 June

Saturday 6 June

Sunday 7 June

Monday 8 June

Tuesday 9 June

Wednesday 10 June

Full information on this can be found at

Keynsham recycling centre is re-opening under the following terms:

Before coming to the recycling centre, residents are being encouraged to sort and group their items together so unloading will be quicker on site. They must also be aware of the following:

• There will be delays and queues outside of the site so please don’t arrive before it opens – we will turn you away if the queues become too long to avoid congestion on surrounding roads

• There will be no pedestrian access

• Don’t take any items that can be recycled from your weekly kerbside collection except for large card (cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, plastic tubs and trays, glass, paper, food waste, textiles, clothes and shoes)

• Bring proof of address with you in paper or digital format (such as your most recent Council tax bill or utility bill) – show proof of residency through a closed window

• The permit system for vans and trailers is still in place (and you will need one before you come to the site), but you can visit any day of the week

• An odd and even number plate system will be in place to help manage traffic and reduce queues, which means you can only visit the recycling centre on certain days (depending on your vehicle number plate)

• Staff will not be able to help remove or lift items from a vehicle (due to social distancing)

• The Keynsham centre will close temporarily if queues become unmanageable or staff are subjected to aggression.

• Only four cars at a time will be allowed onto the site.

• The Keynsham centre will initially operate with extended opening hours of 8 am – 7.30 pm Mondays to Fridays, 8 am – 3.45 pm on Saturdays and 8 am -1 pm on Sundays.

The council’s social media channels and website will carry waiting time updates and residents should check the latest queuing time before making a journey.

Follow us on social media for recycling centres updates and updates on waiting times:

Signs will be put up at the site to inform people how long their waiting time will be depending on their position in the queue.

Pixash Lane will be closed except for access to businesses and residents and access to the recycling centre will be via Ashmead Road. There will be a queuing lane for recycling centre traffic on Ashmead Road and a two-way traffic flow system in place which will allow access around the queue. During our opening hours traffic will be carefully managed by marshals to ensure that access to businesses is not blocked.

For more information and the latest updates please visit the Recycling Centre page of our website: