South Bristol Ring (Wrong) Road Campaign Meeting

South Bristol Wrong Road Meeting
British Legion, Whitchurch Village 26 February 2019

Sue Grimes notes (not verbatim minutes)

There is a consultation on the Joint Local Transport Plan 4. Should you wish to express your views the closing date is 20th March 2019

The meeting was attended by: Councillor Paul May, Whitchurch Village Parish Councillors, and Parish Councillors in affected areas, members of the South Bristol Wrong Road and many members of the public.

The new road is planned to begin at Hicks Gate roundabout, it will then head west towards Stockwood, but turn south to cross Stockwood Lane, then run between the eastern edge of Stockwood and the Stockwood Vale Golf Club. It would then pass the Horse World headquarters in Stockwood, cross Queen Charlton Lane and Woollard Lane before joining up with the A37 Wells Road just south of Whitchurch Village, (positioned between the children’s playground and cemetery near Sleep Lane). It will then continue round to connect with Whitchurch Lane in Hengrove.

It is possible to see an aerial route of the road on

Previous documents had indicated that the decision would be made by the inspector of the Joint Spatial Plan and the Joint Transport Plan. The document indicates that it will be now be made by BathNES, Bristol, N. Somerset and South Gloucester Authorities and the WECA Major. (More open to community influence).

Previous plans indicated that the road would not be built before the new houses in Whitchurch Village (2,500). Now even if planning for the houses is refused the road may still be built.

Insufficient government money. Shortfall will have to be made up by residents (Council Tax payers).

Metrobus link Whitchurch/Keynsham/Bristol not economically viable.

Road will go through green belt at top of valley requiring removal of large amounts of earth.

No indication looked at other options.

A37 (through Pensford) shortest route from South Coast to motorway system. Would link direct to new Ring Road. 

The last origin & destination survey on A37 (showing traffic flows) was conducted in 2011. Since then, £10m investment in Poole has greatly enlarged the container/freight traffic originating from there.

Whitchurch Park and Ride and airport expansion will bring even more traffic to A37.

Forecast 25% extra traffic 2036.

Keen to get cycling/ pedestrians walking into Bristol. “Questionable” given the hilly terrain,

Government says area should build 104,000 houses to satisfy Bristol’s needs. Bristol said they do not have any suitable land. Hence location new houses on BathNES/Bristol border.

Concerns that developers will obtain land on appeal should BathNES not offer any development sites.

The consultation ends 20 March.

Specimen letter attached were handed out at the meeting, which you may which to complete or adapt:

There is also another letter taken from the Facebook page, which mentioned Pensford, which you may like to adapt and send:

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JLTP4 Consultation (Joint Local Transport Plan 4)
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