Special Public Meeting – Anaerobic Digester Plant Near Pensford

Bath & North East Somerset councillors voted unanimously to refuse permission for a supersized anaerobic digester plant, north east of Pensford as you head to Keynsham.  But the developer is appealing the decision, hoping a Planning Inspector will overrule the council’s decision. 

If the developer succeeds, Pensford will face around 13,000 extra HGV trips through the village every year – meaning more noise, traffic and pollution!

A renewed campaign to counter the developer is now needed.  This is being led by Protect Our Keynsham Environment (POKE) – the group behind the highly successful campaign to oppose this development at the earlier planning stage.  POKE have already got off to a flying start, calling for money to fight the appeal at a 3-week public planning inquiry starting in October 2022.

POKE is holding a residents meeting on Tuesday, 12th July at Pensford Memorial Hall from 7pm to 8pm. 

Find out what POKE have done so far, what they intend to do to fight the appeal and what you can do to help protect Pensford.  You can ask questions of your local councillor and others. 

Publow with Pensford Parish Council are kindly supporting the meeting and everyone is welcome.

Publow with Whitchurch councillor Paul May, said: “I urge members of the local community to attend this meeting on 12th July and I thank POKE for setting it up.  If we are successfully to fight this appeal, we must come together as a community and present a united front.”

POKE spokesperson Kerry Morgan added: “If the development were to go ahead, there will be around 28,500 extra two-way HGV movements every year – meaning more noise, traffic and pollution!  The battle is not yet won and I encourage everyone to do what they can before it is too late.”