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Please use this form if you would like to add a comment concerning any aspect of traffic management on the A37 at Pensford South (including New Road, and area surrounding village centre and the school). This is not an official forum. Its function is to provide a record of local opinion. Any comments you make here will be visible to anyone who views this website. 

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2 thoughts on “Traffic Forum – A37 Pensford South”

  1. Motor vehicles frequently travel too fast on this section and often well in excess of the 30 mph limit entering the village. This makes crossing the road at the bottom of Police Lane hazardous especially for children and the elderly. More effective enforcement action is needed, ideally including speed humps which are very effective in ensuring pedestrian safety in these circumstances.

  2. Lords Wood is a popular local attraction at the end of Birchwood Lane. Whitley Batts has a number of residential buildings around the entrance to Birchwood Lane – but crossing the A37 here is impossible. The National Speed Limit is in force here 60mph, with many going faster. Children have to cross the road here to get on school transport. Residents and visitors need to cross the road here to get to bus stops or walk down Birchwood Lane – the bend in the road means it’s at a blind spot with many vehicle going well above 60 and even 60 is too fast to make a judgement to cross the road here. I believe there should be a reduced limit of 30mph from the Chelwood Roundabout and a crossing in place at the end of the Lane across the A37.

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