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4 thoughts on “Traffic Forum – Belluton”

  1. Of the 3 options presented, the roundabout option seems to offer the best solution: it would slow down traffic on the A37, particularly entering Pensford, provide safe access to Belluton and traffic turning right into Parsonage Lane from Pensford could use the roundabout instead of the present dangerous right turn. The roundabout could be landscaped and made a feature of the entrance to the village – adopted perhaps by a local company?

    It would also be good if a safe pedestrian crossing could be incorporated into the scheme.

  2. I have been pleasantly surprised at the effects so far of the new layout at the Belluton end of the village.
    It feels much safer turning right out of the B3130 Chew Magna Road into the A37 as there are not 2 lanes of speeding traffic to negotiate. It also seems that traffic moving uphill from station approach is slower with only one lane.
    I too prefer the roundabout option for our Belluton area. The roundabout could be made a part of the Village Gates idea with greenery (Blackmore and Langdons!) and shrubs to help the “Slow Down ,This is a Village “message to motorists. Agree about the need for pedestrian crossing.

  3. E. Miles
    I had hoped bollards could have been incorporated in the central area with a “resting ” place between them, which would have helped turning right into Parsonage Lane and also turning right from Parsonage Lane. This would also assist pedestrians who need to cross the road. The new road layout whilst an improvement in many ways has created longer queues of traffic making it more difficult to cross the road on foot and exiting one’s property with a vehicle.
    I think a similar system of bollards at the Chew Magna turn could also work.
    I would also like to suggest the bus stop be moved towards the village and be sited in the present long slip road. This would avoid the need for bus users to cross the Chew Magna road as well as trying to watch the main road traffic.

  4. With increasing levels of traffic being experienced on the B3130 it is time to consider
    traffic light control for vehicles passing through the ‘narrows’.
    Daily problems occur when larger vehicles (or drivers without any common sense or courtesy) meet in the narrows causing long tailbacks and minor accidents.
    Traffic lights would enable traffic to pass through the narrows in an orderly fashion. Surely we will not have to wait for a more serious accident to occur before action is taken?

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