Draft Minutes of Joint Meeting – 4th December 2014 – Whitchurch Village (WV) and Publow with Pensford (PP) Neighbourhood Plans

Whitchurch Village (WV) and Publow with Pensford (PP) Neighbourhood Plans

Draft minutes of joint meeting 4th December 2014
Held in the Rising Sun, Pensford

WV Paul May (PM) Chair Group & Alyson Lampard (AL) Parish Councillor.

PP Chris James (CJ), Alan Ford (AF), Colin Taylor (CT), Julie Bragg (JB) & Sue Grimes (SG)

PM said that fear of future development had been the trigger for the plan. There was a lot of bad feeling in WV about the 200 homes proposed on the Horseworld site (in the green belt). Their best protection against unwanted development was a Neighbourhood Plan. Whitchurch PC had originally sat on the fence but was supportive now.

WVNP progress report…Alyson Lampard (PC Whitchurch)
AL said that they had had an evening meeting. It was advertised by banners and leaflet drops to every house.70 people attended. Questionnaire prepared asking what people would like etc. Names addresses/e-mails taken and list prepared. Each person on the list was contacted and asked if they would like to be involved/would they be prepared to help etc.New issues came up which hadn’t been considered. Issues had been broken down to the 10 of most concern. These included no GP. practices in Bristol have different CCG …GP practices overloaded, no shop, no parish magazine and request more bungalows
Interactive forum/face book suggested as important to reach younger people.
Sticky labels…missed opportunity gone on website
Steering group was broken into small groups. Finance, communications (WI groups etc) steering group management.
People expressed very positive views about Whitchurch village.
Steering group was considering holding another meeting during day

PP progress report…Sue Grimes (PC Publow with Pensford)
PP much earlier stage…set up working group 15 Oct. First meeting 15 Oct.
About 8 members working group don’t actually call ourselves steering group inc Janette Stephenson & SG PC and Julie PClerk. Trying to get more people especially younger people.
Submitted application Banes 7th Nov awaiting registration approval. Decided plan should encompass all land inside parish boundary
Informed community undertaking plan in parish mag and set up link via PC website
Met Julie O’Rourke (JO) Banes Planning 6 Nov…promised a number of things (display boards, maps and best practice survey not yet received)? WV does not have best practice survey but has display boards/maps.
AF, CT and SG meeting next week to draft:
Timetable, Budget, Survey questions

Possible joint issues…All
Both groups appreciated that issues not up them…want ideas from community…led by community
A37 Both groups informed by JO that A37 not within remit Neighbourhood Planning
PM considered that this issue could be added to the plans as aspirations & could be incorporated into future land use etc. It was agreed that there were health and safety issues that shouldn’t be disregarded in neighbourhood plans. He said that he would speak to other parishes along the A37 corridor i.e. Clutton, Temple Cloud etc. Maybe we could all get together to get surveys undertaken by consultants i.e. air pollution/ transportation etc
AF Parking issue /rat runs/ pedestrian unsafe on rat runs. School pick up time especially bad
Parking issue re local shop.

Research opportunities/joint research
Agreed to talk to other parishes with a view to undertaking joint consultations and pooling resources.

Invitations to meet steering groups on a regular basis
Agreed that we will invite each other to meetings
WV meet every 2/3 months, PP six weekly

Plan deadlines
Both groups informed by (JO) that timescale completion 11/2 to 2 years. Both were told would need to hold things up as election in May. People’s focus on election.WV Important to move on…mustn’t become a talking shop to avoid unwanted development
JO informed WV that may be able to get plan examined Jan 2016.

WV Finance group includes dep chair PC + 1 other PC
WV been informed that transitional grants have deadline tomorrow.
PP not yet designated so can’t apply for grants.
WV does not have any funding… PC is providing support as loan.
WV said there is a funding template which Banes can provide to which we will have to apply. Banes will help .Have to get quotes in normal way.

WV has their own website (separate from PC) and asked if this could be linked to ours which it could.

Relations with Banes
PM Some groups have fallen out with Banes. Both groups working with banes