Climate and Nature Emergency Working Group (CNEWG) – Terms of Reference (Nov 2022)

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Climate and Nature Emergency Working Group (CNEWG) Terms of Reference (Nov 2022)

The Parish Council has committed to working with local residents, Bath & North East Somerset Council (“B&NES) and other organisations to establish specific local initiatives that will contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

B&NES has undertaken extensive research and used the results to prioritise the five most effective actions needed to achieve this aim:

1. Improving the energy efficiency of existing building stock through retrofitting, and allowing only zero carbon new builds.

2. Taking action to reduce transport emissions through reduced car use and the electrification of transport.

3. Investing in local renewable energy schemes.

4. Invest in tree planting and promote better land management to increase sequestration of carbon.

5. Protect and promote biodiversity, soil health, local food production and flood defence.

The Climate and Nature Emergency Working Group (CNEWG) exists to assist and advise the Parish Council, and the Councillor with direct responsibility for the climate and nature emergency, to put these proposed actions into practice through the following means:


• The Parish Council should consider the environmental impact of EVERY decision and action it takes, and the Councillor responsible for the climate and nature emergency should ensure that this happens on a meeting-by-meeting basis. The CNEWG can advise the Parish Council on how a decision or action could impact the environment, or put the Parish Council in touch with appropriate experts where necessary.


• The CNEWG will attend meetings, forums and training days that they have been advised of by the Parish Council, to gather information and advice from B&NES and partner organisations, and to feed this back to the PC or the CNE Councillor.

• The CNEWG will work with other local groups within Pensford and the surrounding area to help them take positive action on the Climate Emergency, and be a liaison between these groups and the Parish Council.

• CNEWG will feed back to the Parish Council via communication with the designated CNE Councillor.

Communication and Events

• The CNEWG will independently, following requests from the Parish Council, and in conjunction with other local groups, organise events and create communications to help parishioners take positive action on the climate and nature emergency,

• The CNE councillor will be informed of and invited to all meetings of the CNEWG.

• The Parish Council will support the group through individual Councillors attending and actively supporting initiatives, and through the communication tools available to the Parish Council.

The CNEWG isn’t responsible for single handedly initiating all the necessary actions to achieve carbon neutrality in the parish by 2030. Nor do the members have any knowledge or skills beyond those contained within the combined skillset of the PC members. But they can provide a hub or focus through which appropriate actions can be discussed or initiated and proposals disseminated throughout the parish.

The CNEWG is distinct from Pensford Initiatives, which is a separate body working to encourage community engagement with positive action for the climate and nature emergency.

Parish Council Minutes – 12th December 2022



Present: Mr P Baxter, Mr M Daniels, Mrs S Grimes, Mr T Heaford, Dr L Malt, Mrs J Stephenson (chairman), Mrs J Gully, Mrs T Jones, Cllr P. May (B&NES), Mrs H Richardson (Clerk) and 2 Members of Public.

Public Submissions: A resident asked the Parish Council to look into whether planning permission was required for the new bar in the garden of the Rising Sun, and whether a barn being used to serve food & drinks is licenced. Continue reading Parish Council Minutes – 12th December 2022

Emergency Road Closure – Wick Lane, Stanton Wick

In pursuance of Section 14(2)(a) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984: 

BATH AND NORTH EAST SOMERSET COUNCIL HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that on 10th December 2022, Wick Lane, Stanton Wick shall be closed to all traffic, in the interests of public safety, to enable Bristol Water to carry out emergency repairs to a burst main.
The road will be closed at Wick Lane, Stanton Wick from its point outside the property known as Parsons Farm, but the closure shall not apply to any vehicle associated with the works.
Alternative Route: Diversion will be clearly signed on site.
The closure and diversion will be clearly indicated by traffic signs. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses where possible, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works.

These works will commence on 10th December 2022 and the road closure is anticipated to be required for 4 days. This Notice will have a maximum duration of 6 days.

Applicant Details: Jack Hall
Telephone: Bristol Water 01179 662267
Dated: 12th December 2022
Bath and North East Somerset Council
Traffic Management Team
Lewis House
Manvers Street
Bath BA1 1JG

Chris Major
Director of Place Management


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