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Agenda – Parish Council Virtual Meeting – 8th February 2021



ZOOM: Meeting ID: 921 632 8724 Passcode: 839444

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You are summoned to attend a virtual meeting of the Parish Council on 8th February 2021 at 7pm on Zoom

H Richardson (Mrs) – Clerk to the Parish Council
Date: 2nd February 2021

1. Public Participation
(15 minutes Maximum): Please note that prior to the official business of the meeting; members of the Parish are welcome to raise any Parish issues. Please inform the Clerk providing name, address and subject matter no later than 24 hrs prior to the meeting if you wish to arrange a speaking slot. Please keep your speech to a maximum of 3 minutes. Additionally, the applicant or their agent may verbally present planning applications. You are not guaranteed a slot if you do not book in advance. Please note the Parish Council cannot make a decision on items that are not on the agenda, but items may be put forward for the agenda for the next meeting.

2. To receive apologies for absence

3. To receive notification of any members’ personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda

4. To confirm minutes of the previous meeting held on Monday 11th January 2021 as a true & fair record

5. B&NES Ward Councillor: To receive an update on district matters from Cllr P May

6. To receive any updates on current matters:

a) Vintage Phone Box – Cllr Paul Baxter & Cllr Jenny Gully
b) Allotments – Cllr Mike Daniels
c) Climate Emergency working group– Cllr Dawn Custance
d) Dog bins –Cllr Mike Daniels
e) Memorial Hall-Cllr Paul Baxter
f) Litter Picks & Bags – Cllr Tracey Jones
g) PCAA – Cllr Tony Heaford

7. Matters for discussion/decision:

a) To consider grant request towards the cost of printing the Parish News
b) To discuss parking issues in Birchwood Lane and other areas
c) To receive an update on the Liveable Neighbourhoods working group.
d) To discuss issues caused by dogs mess blocking drains at Hillcrest

8. Reports

a) Clerks Progress Report.
b) Chairman’s Report
c) Alca Meeting 3rd February

9. Planning:

a) Applications to consult: None

b) Decision Notification: None

10. Financial Matters:

a) To approve the financial Report

b) To approve Payments to be authorised at February meeting:

Payee Description Amount VAT to reclaim
Mark McMullen Footpath Officer £80 N
Mrs Helen Richardson Clerk Salary (December Payroll) £719.21 N
Mrs Helen Richardson Reimburse Zoom subscription (December) £4.80 N
Titan Internet Domain Registration and hosting wordpress £360 £60.00
Tudor Environmental Litter Pickers £118.80  £19.80

11. Items of report to carry forward to the next meeting

12. To Note Future Meetings:

Parish Liaison – Wednesday 24 March, Wednesday 14 July or Wednesday 21 July, Wednesday 13 October 2021

DATE OF NEXT PARISH COUNCIL MEETING: Scheduled Monday 8th March 2021