Bristol Airport Expansion – Aviation Learn In

Bristol Airport Expansion – Aviation Learn In

On Monday 1 July at the Wrington Memorial Hall, Silver St, Wrington, BS40 5QL there is an ‘Aviation Learn In’ at 8 pm.  This session gives information about the impacts of the aviation sector and why it should not expand.  It will cover issues such as pollution and the climate emergency. 

Speakers are

  • Dr Adrian Gibbs, environmental advisor and Wrington resident
  • Dr Steve Melia, Senior Lecturer in Transport Policy, UWE
  • Professor Chris Priest, sustainability expert at Bristol University
  • Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke Extinction Rebellion’s Bristol Airport Action Group

Chaired by Mark Smalley, journalist.

Publow-with-Pensford residents can still comment on the planning application.  North Somerset Council has placed on the website the following statement:

‘Planning application 18/P/5118/OUT

As with all applications, comments about this application received after the end of the formal consultation period will be accepted and considered, so long as they are received more than two working days before a final decision is made. The date when this application is due to be considered by Planning & Regulatory Committee will be announced by placing a notice with this application online. We explain how we process and consider comments about planning applications on our website’.

Judith Hoskin
Secretary, Parish Councils Airport Association