Climate Emergency

It is increasingly clear that the world is running out of time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

The 2018 IPCC report (summarised on Wikipedia) outlined the alarming impacts of a rise in global temperatures of just 1.5°C.

In parallel, the world has lost 60% of its biodiversity since 1970, largely as a result of human activity.

In response to these threats, many companies and organisations around the world have declared a Climate Emergency; including the UK Government in May 2019, Bath and North East Somerset in March 2019, and our parish council in February 2020. These recognise that the scale of the problem is far greater than any individual action, and that we need systematic change.

Parish Council Emergency Resolution 

Climate Emergency Working Group Terms of Reference 

It might seem that a parish council can’t really do much, but in fact environmental issues are relevant to a lot of our activities. For example:

  • Acting as a source of information (see below)
  • Facilitating local projects including renewable energy and tree-planting
  • Considering the environmental impact in all decision-making and spending
  • Supporting BANES council in the local delivery of their climate activities
  • Consulting local parishioners to understand local priorities and generate ideas


This document, Parish Climate Ideas, shows the various activities and ideas that have been proposed by local residents and the Climate Emergency Working Group. These will be prioritised and the parish council will try to help where it can. Often this will be putting the right people in touch with one another so that ideas can progress.

A consultation event will be held in the future, when Covid-19 restrictions allow. In the meantime, please use our Facebook page ’Pensford Climate Emergency’ if you have any ideas or could help develop existing ideas.


Low and No Cost ideas to cut emissions in your home or business – see the ideas at the bottom of this page <>

For information on installing energy efficiency measures such as insulation, see this page which has been commissioned by BANES council

Do you have land for tree-planting? Please contact

Did you know you can get funding to replace an oil or gas heating system? See here

Interested in electric bikes? BANES council has a scheme where you can loan a bike for a free trial for up to four weeks

Chew Valley School Climate Action Team produce a regular newsletter on climate issues specifically aimed at those of school age. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter please contact  

The Pensford Climate Emergency Group is on Facebook. The group’s Facebook page provides a space to connect, share ideas and create action.


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