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Emergency Parish Council Agenda – 26th March 2020

It is unlikely that the Parish Council will be able to hold a normal Parish Council meeting for several months. 

The Parish Clerk has called an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council for next Thursday 26th March at 6:00 pm at the Memorial Hall. We have taken the decision to hold this meeting outside in the car park, so that risk to health is minimised and we need just four councillors to be quorate. The meeting should take less than 10 minutes. and the meeting is at 6:00 pm so that it is during daylight!

If you are in one of the ‘at risk’ groups or already in self-isolation; do not put yourself or others in danger. If you choose to attend please follow guidance on social distancing and keep interaction to a minimum.

Please see agenda below & proposed Business Continuity Motion, which will extend emergency delegation to the Parish Clerk while the Country is experiencing restrictions due to Coronavirus. 

The government is expected to announce legislative changes to enable decisions to be made through virtual meetings, but we don’t know how this will work and in the meantime we have advised to take this course of action to allow council business to continue.