Present: Vice-Chairman: Mr Charlie Bishop Mr Colin Taylor, Lydia Robinson, Alan Ford, Amber Daniels, Sue Grimes, Chris Reddy, Meg Thomas, Jo Drury, Caroline Batten. Clerk: Julie Bragg
1) Apologies for Absence were received from Mr Chris James, Susan Aires, Cleo Newcombe-Jones, Chris Hitchins, Charles Wookey

2) Chairman’s Remarks: In the absence of the Chairman, Vice-chairman Charlie Bishop welcomed all to the meeting

3) Minutes of Wednesday 29th July after being circulated and read were signed as a correct record.

4) Matters Arising: Alternative Energy: The sub-group had met and discussed ideas for alternative energy. Julie to give Charlie details of Viaduct ownership.
Identifying Green Spaces: It was clarified that we should see Culvery Wood & the Conservation Area as examples of local distinctiveness. B&NES are encouraging Green Spaces and these can be used as examples.

5) Feedback from Parish Council:

Parish Council were happy with the Terms of Reference. The Parish Council were advised of the timings of the questionnaire. They were in support of a Prize Draw. Distribution of the Questionnaire was discussed. The Neighbourhood Planning Group were advised that the Post Office do not cover the whole of the Parish. `

6) Items for Discussion:

Questionnaire Presentation/Format: A meeting had taken place between Chris Reddy, Chris James & Charlie Bishop to discuss the Questionnaire. Meg Thomas & Colin Taylor were thanked also for their input so far. A draft Questionnaire had been completed by three different people. Timings to complete the questionnaire were 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 10 minutes.
Chris Reddy proceeded to present the questionnaire to the Group.
The front Page is an introduction to the Questionnaire and explains the Neighbourhood Plan. Colours are black & red theme. The Font size has been increased. This is now the 7th draft of the questionnaire. Census information has been taken out of the questionnaire i.e. where do you live? How many children are there in your household etc…..
The last page has information about the Prize Draw and if you wish to enter you leave a contact phone number in the box. A separate page for comments was suggested along with information maps i.e. the Housing Development Boundary Map, Conservation Area, Green Belt.
Transport & Parking were the most talked about Topics at the Open Events. These questions are on the back page of the Questionnaire.
Chris Reddy suggested changing the colour of the paper of the questionnaire so that it does not get lost. Alternative paper colours were passed around the group.
The Logo at present is in the top right of the questionnaire and each questionnaire has a number.

It was agreed to open the front page with “Dear Neighbours”…..

Alan Ford disagreed that the census information was of nil value to the Neighbourhood Plan.
The questionnaire was then discussed with alterations agreed.
Questions 1 & 2 needed to be aligned more. It was suggested that the wording be changed to “how would you prefer to be informed?”
It was agreed Question 1g was deleted.
Q2 a & g will be combined and refer to the Parish Magazine.
Q3 relates to ideas from Open Days which the Parish Council could seek to do:
Q 3f: Clerk informed the group that there is an oil buying scheme available through the West of England Rural Network. Q.3f will be deleted.
Q 4,5,6,7 – agreed.
Q8j: Should be use of appropriate plants: i.e. Evergreen plants or Native Species.
Q8g Flooding was discussed. The Flood Warden Scheme an initiative of B&NES was discussed. The lack of sandbags was reported with only 10 being allocated to Church Street. Clerk will follow this up.
Q8g will be improved somehow.
Ways to present the questionnaire were discussed. Should there be loose pages, should they be stapled in, should the questionnaire be 8 pages and include all of the maps and comments sheets and guidance notes and briefing letter. Should the letter be separate? Should there be a questionnaire delivered per person, or per household? It was proposed by CT that were have 1,000 copies produced for all of those on the Electoral Role.
It was suggested that everyone should take away a copy of the questionnaire, read it and then feedback to Chris Reddy.
Alan ford was thanked for all of his hard work and input into the questionnaire as the draft we have now is largely based on Alan’s’ work….
Chris James will produce the letter to go out with the Questionnaire.
Lydia reported that she can make the Logo more visible and will continue to work on this.
Numbering: A discussion ensued regarding the numbering of the questionnaire with differing opinions. Many preferred 1 to End as it is now. It was suggested to add Numbering to the September Agenda.

Multiple Responses: Further advice will be sought from CNJ regarding this. If there are differences in opinion multiple returns from households will be received.
Questionnaire Incentives: Date for return needs to be agreed.
A suggestion made was that the prize draw money could be in the form of a voucher which has to be spent at local businesses in the Parish. Businesses will be asked in advance if they are happy to partake. Vouchers will be kept to £25.00.
Distribution/Collection: To be discussed/Agreed in September meeting.
Timing: KC Printing will need a proof read copy of the questionnaire by Mid September.
AF raised a couple of further points. Q3 requires a heading…..possibly “Local Business”.
Q3e: Parish Fair should be put in amenities.
3F: should not be there as it has already been produced? More awareness of an Oil Buying Scheme could be raised by the Parish Council.
Q8: In relation to Fracking does it apply to our Parish.
The letter at the start should give residents the chance to leave details if you wish to take part in……or add details to a comment sheet.
The Final Page needs the numbers 1 – 5 at the top.
Chris Reddy reported that each column has the 1 – 5 in a pale grey colour.
11a & 11i: in light of the recent meeting regarding the A37 should these questions stay in? Sue Grimes will take the questions to Paul May to decide which should stay in and which should be taken out, then liaise with Chris Reddy.
Everyone on the Sub Group were reminded to feed back in plenty of time to Chris any questions they wish to have included.
Clerk to circulate contact list again.

7) Any Other Business: Alan ford will be moving to Wells this was his last meeting. Grateful thanks were extended to Alan for his input into the Neighbourhood Planning Group.

8. Date and Venue for next meeting: Wednesday 2nd September at 7.30 pm at the Memorial Hall.