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Present: Chairman Mr C James Vice-Chairman: Mrs S Grimes, Miss Caroline Batten, Mr Alan Ford, Mr Colin Taylor, Mr Charlie Bishop, Miss Amber Daniels, Mrs Meg Thomas, Mr Chris Reddy, Mrs J Stephenson, Lydia Robinson, Mr C Wookey, Jo Drury. Cleo Newcombe-Jones.

1) Apologies for Absence were received from Mrs L Cains, Umang Patel and Susan Aires.

2) Chairman’s Remarks: Chairman welcomed all to the meeting.
Resignations had been received from Mrs Lisa Cains and Vice-Chairman
Simon King.

3) Election of Vice-Chairman: Alan Ford proposed Charlie Bishop this was seconded by Charles Wookey. There were no further nominations.

4) Minutes of Wednesday 1st July 2015 after being circulated and read were signed as a correct record.

5) Matters Arising:

Terms of Reference: The RFO details need to be changed. Parish Council need to approve.
Community Renewable Energy Scheme: Charlie Bishop is working on this and looking at different options. Suggestions made: Solar Panels on viaduct, Wind Power, Water Power. Jo Drury has details of Viaduct Ownership and offered assistance to move this forward along with Charles Wookey.
Cleo reported that Funding can be applied for.

6) Feedback from Parish Council: Cheques raised for payments in relation to Neighbourhood Planning will now be signed as the Grant has now been received. The Terms of Reference are to be agreed.

7) Items for Discussion: Thanks were extended to those involved in progressing the questionnaire. The objective of the meeting was to agree the content of the questionnaire which had evolved from feedback from the open meetings.
Discussions ensued regarding a more useable simplified numbering. Some members did not like the vertical typing. It was agreed to keep the format numbers
0 – 5.
Questionnaire Amendments: Housing: Q 1 – 5 agreed. Q 6 – 7 Housing Development Boundary Map needed. Q8 take out word individual. Q9 take out car parking arrangements.
Business Development:
Q10: Ok. Q11: Suggest Investigate to look at different types of Community led renewable Energy i.e. Hydro, Wind, Solar, Water with opportunity for comments. Q12: Change Facilitate to Support. Q13,14,15 OK.
Transport & Access: Q16: What is a traffic issue? Majority will understand. It was noted that there will be a meeting with B&NES on Monday 17th August to discuss the A37 issues.
Transport & Access:
Q 17,18,19: Should we combine Q18 & 19. No, it was agreed to add short stay & Long Stay use – Residents and Visitors. Q:19 Explore Ways to “Introduce” non-residents car parking/park & ride (Long Stay).
Q20: Ok
Transport & Access:
Q21 – 28: Looking at where residents would like to go. How many wish to travel to the same destination. Is there enough demand for a bus service to be introduced.
Q 29 – 36: Views on Street Lighting. Agreed to change question heading to – Do you agree/disagree that the Parish should have/support the installation of street lighting.
Q: 37 – 40: Definition box needed at the bottom of the page.
Q38: List all Road Runs which become a Rat Run when anything happens on the Main A37.
Q40: Delete “improve”.
Q41: Was originally raised due to feedback from open meetings. Agreed to take out this question.
Q42 -55 Ok, agreed to remove Q56 & 57.
Parish Life: Q57 is a National Planning Policy. Remove.
Q58 move into Environment.
Q59: add care in Environment and surroundings.
The Steering Group were reminded about the Woodland Trust and the need to protect the Woodland and encourage the use and enjoyment of it.
Environment: Q60 – 66 Ok…suggested on Q64 to add responsible use of chemical pesticides and herbicides.
Colin Taylor suggested identifying green spaces i.e. Culvery Wood and the Conservation Area…
Community Project suggested or a Bee Friendly project.
Alan Ford will now take the questionnaire and make the small changes before a sub-group look at the presentation. Chris Reddy, Colin Taylor and Meg Thomas to look at the presentation.
CR suggested should we ask how long someone has been in the Parish. Response was what would we do with this information? It is any value? Is it useful?
CR asked do the Group intend adding more questions now some have been deleted? Should we ask Do you feel involved in the Community and know what is going on? Should there be questions about Crime?
General consensus was that there is enough content.

Questionnaire Timing: Hope to distribute in early October. Therefore an advert needs to go into the September Parish Mag. CJ to submit something to flag up the questionnaire coming out. Posters and leaflets need to be printed.
Distribution: Who will do it? Will the Post Office be asked?
Incentives: A draw was suggested with each Questionnaire having a specific number which can be torn off and retained by the resident.
CJ to send Lydia the Logo…..
Analysis: How will the questionnaire be analysed. Something to take forward to the next meeting.
Research/Interest Groups: Topics:
CJ suggested that anyone who wishes to form a group to discuss a certain Topic then do so and take forward.

8. Any Other Business: None

9. Date and Venue for next meeting: Wednesday 19th August 2015 7.30 pm at the Memorial Hall.