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Present: Mr C James, Mr C Bishop, Mr C Taylor, Mrs S Grimes, Mr P Tyson, Mrs F Farquar, Mr C Wookey, Miss C Batten, Miss A Daniels.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Mr C Reddy, Mrs J Drury, Mrs J Stephenson. Cleo Newcombe-Jones.

2. Chairman’s remarks: Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting (18 November): Were agreed.

4. Matters Arising:

Grant Application: The Grant had been applied for. A total of £1460.00 had been applied for which has to be spent by end of March 2016. It can be used for any legitimate expenses with receipts. i.e. printing, room hire, paper etc.
We have reached a stage now for looking forward to Open Days before the end of March.
Vouchers are being spent around the Parish with different local businesses.

5. Items for Discussion:

Neighbourhood Plan Process: Chairman explained that we are possibly half way through the process now. There is a need to look at how long we will need to complete the plan. How we are going to identify themes issues and policies. We will need to continue to consult with the Public. There will be a minimum consultation period of 6 weeks for comments on a draft plan. Once draft plan is published, comments will be invited, we can then decide if/how to alter and then submit the finished plan to B&NES. If all ok with B&NES the plan will go before an Independent Examiner. Advice will be sought from Cleo prior to submission. The Plan needs to conform to National Guidelines. Therefore realistically there is another years work to be done on our Neighbourhood Plan. A Handout with the proposed timetable will be produced. Draft Policies will need to be written by March in readiness for the Open Meetings.

Final Plan: Is a document which carries weight. B&NES cannot change what is in a Plan. The Parish Council are responsible for producing it and steering the process. The Parish Council have discussed the Neighbourhood Plan at meetings and the majority of the Parish Council have agreed that it is a good thing to have.

Publication of the Analysis: Charlie Bishop has produced the analysis and colour coded each page. It was agreed that there would be a colour code key on each page. There will be an introduction. Information gathered in respect of the Memorial Hall including those wishing to donate on a monthly basis will be given to the Hall
Committee for their information to do with as they wish.

6. 80 Comment sheets were returned and an analysis typed up by Chris Reddy was circulated.
All information will be published on the PC Web Site. For those without internet access it was suggested maybe laminated sheets could be placed in the Post Office or other locations in the village.

How to Distribute: It was agreed that any further information will be hand delivered as before with everyone covering the same ground. It was agreed to have everything in envelopes again. The same paper will be used, with 7 sheets max in the envelopes.
Further Public consultation how? When? Open Day Dates: It was proposed to go for 18th & 19th March with information split into Interest Groups for the Open Days. Evidence gained can become Policies which can be shown at the Open Sessions.
Publication of Analysis Data how? When? Format of Analysis: It was agreed would be A5. Be Distributed by the Group. Summaries and introductions will be written by Chris James and Charlie Bishop. These will be circulated to all Members for a chance to comment. Printing will be done early January. January meeting will be putting all information into envelopes ready for distribution.
Interest Groups: Membership: Planning & Development: JS, CT,FF.Environment: LR, CB, CR, MT. Business & Technology: FF,PT, CB, AD.
Traffic & Transport: CR, SG, CW
• Key Areas for Interest Groups: Broadband (Truespeed). Renewable Energy.
– Purpose and method of working of Interest Groups: The Key Areas need to reflect comments and conform to National & Local Guidelines and be sustainable for development. The Plan will be looking ahead for 15 – 20 years. Chairman gave a handout in relation to Sustainable Development. Cycling facilities, homeworking, design, Conservation Areas, Conserving Historic Buildings.
A Handout was passed around in relation to Policy Themes: Direction guidelines for Topic Ares and what can be included.

7. AOB: No other Business

8. Date and venue for next meeting. Wednesday 13th January 2016.
Apologies were received in advance from Sue Grimes.