Pensford Local History Group’s programme of talks for Autumn 2023

 We are pleased to announce that the Pensford Local History Group has scheduled two very interesting talks for Autumn 2023.  We trust these will be of interest to you and we really hope you will be able to join us.  Both meetings will start at 7:30pm and will last roughly one hour and will be held at Pensford Memorial Hall, Publow Lane, Pensford, BS39 4HW.  The cost will be £3.00 per person and refreshments will be included.  There is no need to book.

Monday 2nd October – “Glimmers of Light” – A journey back to the world of the Magic Lantern: Today, screens dominate our lives.  Tiny pixels of coloured light build pictures of our world.  We grew up with television and the cinema but, back before these major cultural influences, back before your parents’ and grandparents’ time, there was a form of screen entertainment that captivated, enthralled, and inspired audiences… “The Magic Lantern Show”.  Martin Elsbury will be coming to tell us all about this very interesting relic of bygone days.

Monday 6th November – Lord’s Wood in Pensford: We all have Lord’s Wood practically on our doorstep but how many of us know the full story?  Andrew Hillman will enlighten everyone about the flora and fauna, the management practices, the challenges faced and the many highlights the woods bring.